How To Dry Out Water Damaged Books

If you have a wide variety of collectibles stored in boxes in your basement, then a flood can be devastating. This is especially true if you have a variety of books that are considered keepsakes, rare additions, or antiques. When books come into contact with flood water, they can deteriorate quite quickly. If you find yourself with many books that have become wet, then you need to act quickly. Place Books In The Freezer Read More 

Mold Keeps Growing In Your Screened Back Porch? Here’s Why

Every time you look around, mold pops up on your screened back porch. You do all you can to keep the room dry, but mold stills grows. One of the things about mold is that it can grow in almost any place as long as there's a water source available, such as dew or  evaporated water. Here's how dew and evaporated water causes mold and what you can do to stop them before they damage your screened back porch. Read More 

Don’t Flood Your Future: 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Flood Restoration Technician

If your home is flooded, you might be tempted to try and clean up the damage yourself. It can be expensive to hire professionals to do work around your home, and obviously, doing your own work will save you money. However, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional flood restoration technician to clean up the damage. Here are 5 of those reasons. Structure issues When a home is damaged by water, it can act similar to when it's damaged by fire. Read More