Waterproofing And Exterior Drainage From The Outside To The Inside Of Your Home

If you want to protect your foundation and home from damage, good waterproofing systems are important. These systems should also include drainage systems and waterproofing on the exterior and interior. Here are some things to help protect your home with better waterproofing:

Evaluating Existing Waterproofing

Start with evaluating your existing waterproofing systems. You want to look for leaks, problems with damage to the structure, and other issues. Things to look for when inspecting the existing waterproofing include:

  • Problems with runoff and standing water
  • Structural damage
  • Signs of water issues
  • Condition existing foundation drain systems

Evaluating the existing waterproofing and drainage is an important step when doing improvements. Talk to your contractor about correcting these issues with waterproofing and drainage.

Design Drainage For Waterproofing Systems

An important part of waterproofing systems is the drainage system. Evaluate the drainage of your home's exterior and design systems to be installed with the waterproofing. Some of the exterior drainage solutions that you may need for waterproofing include:

  • Conventional French drain tiles
  • Aggregate with liners for hidden dry drain canals
  • Sealants for pavements and surfaces near your home
  • Curbing to redirect water away from the foundation

These drainage solutions are features that your home may need. Talk to your waterproofing contractor about installing these systems when the other work is done.

Modern Waterproofing To Reduce Pressure

Static pressure is a major issue that can cause problems with damage to the foundation. This pressure causes cracking, structural problems, and leaks. What can you do to improve the foundation and prevent these static water pressure problems?

  • Install a geotextile membrane waterproofing system
  • Add drainage lines around the foundation
  • Improve the landscaping watershed and add flood control systems

You can have these things done to reduce static pressure and prevent damage. Ask about modern waterproofing systems that use membranes to reduce the pressure against your foundation.

Systems For Interior Waterproofing

You also want to protect the interior of your home from damage. This is where you are going to need waterproofing and other systems to keep moisture out. Here are interior solutions that your home may need:

  • Use interior waterproof walls finishes
  • Install foundation drains with a sump pump
  • Improve ventilation and add a dehumidifier

You are going to want to protect your home from moisture if there are finished areas below the soil grade. These systems help keep the water out and protect against common moisture problems.

Waterproofing needs to be done on the exterior, as well as the interior. Click here to continue reading about waterproofing service or look online.