Have A Big Kitchen Fire? Follow These 3 Steps

Dealing with a fire in your home can be quite stressful. Not only do you have appliances and other personal property that is damaged due to the flames, but the structure of your home will have damage as well. Here are some tips to follow after a house fire.

Secure Your Home

One thing you'll want to do after a big kitchen fire is make sure that your home is secure. You may have windows in the kitchen that were destroyed, or a backdoor that was ruined. Take the time to make sure that and damaged windows and doors have been secured so that people cannot get in. These entrances to your home can make you a target of theft, especially if people know that you are not in your home due to the fire. You are already dealing with one accident, so avoid dealing with a break in as well.

Reach Out To Your Insurance Provider

Chances are that the damage is extensive enough to require an insurance claim to fix it. You'll want to immediately reach out to your home insurance provider to get moving on a claim. Your insurance company will likely have an insurance adjuster come out to inspect the damage and determine what course of action should be taken.

If you are unable to live in your home due to the extent of the fire, they will set you up with temporary living arrangements. This can range from a hotel to stay at for a few days while repairs are made to helping you make more long-term living arrangements for extensive repairs.

Hire a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Once you have approval from your insurance adjuster, you can start the process of hiring a fire damage restoration company to help repair your home. Know that fire damage is not something that a regular contractor can handle. Smoke can get places that the fire didn't reach and, if not cleaned correctly, will cause your home to smell like smoke after the repairs are finished.

For example, if your HVAC system was running at the time of the fire, you could be dealing with soot that got into your furnace and blower motor. Even the interior of your ductwork will need to be cleaned to prevent the smell of smoke after the cleaning process is finished.

Reach out to a local fire damage restoration company such as All American Water Restoration for more information about what they can do for you.